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Comic-Con 2008 Print Set

My image in the print set...

Lou's, Nate's, and Scott's pieces (respectively)...

At this year's San Diego Comic-Con Scott Morse will be selling an exclusive set of 4 individual prints limited to 50 signed and numbered copies in promotion of our next Ancient Book which is on track to debut at next year's Comic-Con.
The book will again be by Lou Romano, Scott Morse, Nate Wragg, and myself. The prints are on high quality fine art paper and will run $50 for all four images. These images won't appear in the book but are exclusive to this print set!

Find Scott's booth (4800) here...

More Kurts for Sale

Image the San Diego Comic-Con.

Kurt's a Lush
pencil and water soluble graphite on hot press watercolor paper.
12.25" x 7.75"
$50 (cheap!)


Kurt Chucks Some Dice
pencil and water soluble graphite on hot press watercolor paper.
9.5" x 7.5"
$30 (also cheap!)

I was able to do two more Kurt drawings over the weekend. I'm loving the Kurt drunk page so you better buy it before I change my mind and keep it!
These 3 Kurt pages (these two and the previous post) will be at Scott Morse's booth Red Window Inc. #4800 (p.s. Bill Pressing is sharing that booth and he has an AMAZING book for sale this year. do yourself a favor and check it out!)

Kurt Makes an Appearance

Image the San Diego Comic-Con that is.

pencil and water soluble graphite on nice hot press watercolor paper.

here's a detail...

This year Scott Morse will be selling a limited edition print set to promote our next book The Ancient Book of Sex and Science. (Scott Morse, Lou Romano, Nate Wragg, and myself) That book won't be for sale until next year's con so we put together a nice set of 8x10 prints. More on that soon!

I won't be at this year's con (I'll be in Tahoe with my lovely wife and adorable new daughter celebrating our 2 year anniversary!) but besides the print set I decided to do some drawings and give them to Scott to peddle at his table. (he doesn't even know this yet ;-D hehe) I haven't settled on price yet, but it'll be something CHEAP like $40 or $50!

Here's the first, warts and all. Let's see how many I can do by monday... seriously i'm so busy, this might be the only one haha!
It's a Kurt jam. Start in one co…