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Here's a paint doodle of Kurt toasting the holidays that I did on my iPad using Brushes.


I was interviewed by Shawn King of the Your Mac Life show/podcast last week.
It's about 30 minutes long, check it out..

Don Shank interview on YML

I talk about my work at Pixar as well as some earlier parts of my career.

iPad Paintings: Vol 1

iPad paintings
Finger on Glass

When I have some spare time (hahahahah) I like to paint on my iPad. Most of the people I know that use an iPad use a stylus because they want to draw/sketch more than paint. Yes, drawing with your finger isn't so great but I have no problem Painting with my finger. In fact, I like it quite a bit.

Above are a handful of paintings I did on my iPad with the Brushes app for iPad. I love this app. Yes, I've tried Sketchbook Pro, I like it fine, it's a great app, but I'm drawn more to the simple directness of Brushes. It's a pleasure to use. (Though there are a few things I wish it had (Saturation Slider please!))
Also, one of the coolest things is you can play back your painting right there on the iPad and watch as it re-creates itself. Even better you can email yourself the "actions" file for the painting to your computer and using the free Brushes Viewer application it can re-render the image up to 6x high and wide (that's …