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SD Comic-Con 2009!


I will be at this year's San Diego Comic-Con on Wednesday preview night, as well as Thursday and Friday (July 22, 23 & 24).

I'll be hanging out at RED WINDOW's booth #4800 where Scott Morse will have a very limited amount of our Ancient Book of Sex & Science for sale! (it's sold out except for the small amount of books that Scott saved for the Con so if you haven't got one yet you better hit that booth first!).

YUKI-7 Prints For SALE!
I'll have some prints of my Yuki-7 artwork for sale at the amazing FLEET STREET SCANDAL's booth #1316. There is a very limited amount of these prints too so get them while they're hot! There will be a large print of the raw painting (12"x15") and a smaller print (8"x10") of the painting with the pulp novel graphics. You might also find me hanging around this booth too.

And while you are there definitely pick up the new book Seductive Espionage by Kevin Dart and Ada Cole. This b…