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Ancient Book Show!

The Ancient Book of Sex & Science art show and book release was last weekend and there was a great turn out. I had a great time, and thank you to everyone at Nucleus for the work you did hosting it. Thank you to everyone that came down to the show, it was great meeting all of you.

The show will be up through May 28th, 2009.
Here's one of my pieces from the show...

Acrylic on Panel
18" x 24"


While I was down for the show I checked out the Marc Davis gallery exhibit at the Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale. I highly recommend going to see this if you can. I was blown away!

Ancient Book of Sex & Science Show

The gallery show and book release for the Ancient Book of Sex & Science is this Saturday May 16th at Gallery Nucleus at 7:00pm.

Oh Snap, Part 2

The Ancient Book of Sex & Science books are here (250 copies of the total book run made it here on the "fast boat"). Only about 220 copies will be for sale at the Nucleus Gallery show this Saturday so I suggest getting there on time if you want a book.