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Even More Fine Art!

After 3 years my wife and I decided upon another art collaboration. This new work is as beautiful as our first and we call her Phoebe!

Abstract Breakfast #1

I have so little free personal time these days that my need to experiment comes out in other ways. Last Sunday I made too much pancake batter and started branching out from the Mickey Mouse shaped cakes I was making for my daughter. There's some potential for quite a few variations on this theme. I've already made some pancakes that are radiating ringlets on the same cake as well as mixed in some burnt drips as texture. Hehehe. Oh and we had a fruit salad that I totally forgot to utilize! So many possibilities!

This is the one that started it all...

Abstract Breakfast 1
Pancake Batter and Jam
12" Dish

And check out these cool pancakes!... Jim's Pancakes

Meeting Head

Another meeting sketch.