Finally, stitching a sampler!

Good morning. It's a rainy Monday morning here. The weather (what else do we talk about?) has been very windy, even stormy at times lately. We even had some hail in parts of the city! When I go outside I have to double check what weather to dress for! How about you?

Here's my start on a new sampler. Can you guess what design it is?

Well, back at Nashville Market, my eyes were caught on this sampler.
It's called Bird Song. I remembered looking at it and thinking it looked awfully familiar and that's because it reminded me of this beautiful antique sampler I saw a few years ago!  I had loved this antique sampler from afar and thought to myself "maybe I can chart it one day" ...ha ha ha.
So I was really pleased to see the Bird Song chart.   This will be my summer project. I am not stitching so much these days because of all my sewing projects and I also need to go slowly because of my neck issues.
The garden is in bloom. Here are a group of "pinks".


Bleeding hearts
Beauty Bush & Primula Auricula
Who doesn't love a cat in a box? This is crazy Julius playing with his the box! 
 Then he settled down for a snooze. It says so in the book of Cat Regulations - play, then snooze!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week. Hope the sun shines down on you!


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